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Family Planning introduced after FPAP was established in 1953. FP program launched by Govt Pakistan through MoH on 30th June, 1965. During 3rd Five Year Plan Period, the program received priority and Family Planning Council headed by Federal Minister of…....
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Special Assistant to Chief Minister
Population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been increasing at an alarming pace of 2.89% per year. It has more than doubled what it was 20 years ago. Since the previous census of 1998, the province added more than one million people annually to its population, it is ... View Details
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Mr. Asghar Ali    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with an estimated population of 25 million in mid-2015 with a fairly large chunk of young people is the third largest province in Pakistan. If its current high Population Growth Rate of 2 % per annum goes un... View Details


Service Rules of PWD combined
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Service Rules
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Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Administrative office 091-9211535 secretarypwdkp@gmail.com
PS to Secretary 091-9211535
Additional Secretary 091-9223619
Dy: Secretary (Admin) 091-9223621
S.O (Estb) 091-9223623
S.O (B) 091-9223623
Additional Director General 091-9219041
Director (A&P) 091-9219048
Director (PME) 091-9219062 pmepwd@gmail.com
Director (Technical) 091-9219060
Principal RTI (Peshawar) 091-9217105 rti_peshawar@yahoo.com
Principal RTI (Abbottabad) 0992-9310223 rtiabbottabad@gmail.com
Principal RTI (Malakand) 0932-450277
Principal PWTI 091-9219030 pwtipeshawar@gmail.com
Project Director (Innovative Scheme) 091-9219031 ispwkp@gmail.com
Deputy Director (C&L) 091-9219104
Deputy Director M&E/ PIO 091-9219006
Demographer 091-9219523
Deputy Director (Medical) 091-9219523
Deputy Director (FWC) 091-9219071
Account Office 091-9219057
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